Sound Space Music Lessons

A Private Music Lesson Studio in Atlanta's Riverside Neighborhood

Sound Space is a unique music lesson studio located in Atlanta’s Riverside neighborhood. We believe that learning happens best when you’re having fun! In addition to private lessons we also offer full service guitar and bass repair for our students.

Printed Promotional Materials: $300 - I would like to have pamphlets and promotional cards to bring to schools, community centers and local business in my area to spread the word about Sound Space. 

Ceiling Insulation/Sound Proofing: $1,000 - The Goat Farm is mostly do it yourself when it comes to your studio space. I have already spent all of my savings and maxed out all of my credit cards building the floors, painting the walls, installing new lighting & window treatments and furnishing the space. My ceiling is literally non existent. The only "ceiling" I have are the floor boards from the space above me. We have brainstormed a few different cost effective ways to build out the ceiling. The foundation to whatever plan we go with starts with good quality sound proofing and insulation. 

All In One Printer: $130 - It slices! It Dices! ...Every business needs a scanner/copier, fax machine and quality printer. Why not get them all in one?! 

Filing Cabinet: $170 - I believe aesthetics and organization are very important to any environment where creativity is taking place. A quality filing cabinet that is easy on the eyes just makes sense.   

iPad for "Square" Register: $300 -  Everything computer/device related at Sound Space will be Mac. From the POS to the computers in every lesson studio. Mac products don't get viruses, rarely even break and are essential to anyone working in creative industries. 

"Square" Register: $450 - The component that turns the iPad into a Square Register complete with fancy pants card swiper. 

Computer Monitor: $370 - My current monitor is seriously on its last leg. It usually doesn't work with out a few good smacks in the morning. I'd like to get something that is a little bigger and higher resolution. Both my self and my students will spend a lot of time looking at this screen. 

Sound Space T Shirts: $600 - I would like to get good quality T shirts that fit well and look good on people. No one wants to wear the free T shirt that doesn't fit right and is way overloaded with promotional information. I am working with artist at The Goat Farm to come up with a cool design that incorporates my logo to get people asking about Sound Space. 

Sound Space Guitar Picks: $200 - Every music store, lesson studio, band, guitar shop or anything music store-ish has promo picks with their logo on it. I always grabbed a couple from my local music store when I went in. Again, I would like to get something of good quality that people will actually use. 

Luthier Tools for Instrument Repair: $400 - My dad ingrained a couple of things in me from very early on. If your going to do something do it right & always make sure you have the right tools for the job. There are a lot of unique tools I need to add to my work bench for luthier work, none of which are cheep. 

Slat Wall+Retail Hangers: $200 - In order to fit retail items in Sound Space I will need to utilize the wall space. Sound Space will carry an extensive amount of "musicians supply" items. Basically, anything the musicians at The Goat Farm and in my surrounding community might need on a regular basis. Sound Space will carry things like strings, picks, straps, tuners,  capos, cables, etc. and they will all need a home. 

Ink/Paper: $300 - That fancy printer won't be much good with out these! 

Initial Retail Stock: $500 - Stuff to put on the slat wall and hangers!

Ceiling Treatments: $200 - The simplest (and coolest) idea for how the ceiling will look when finished involves hanging some thick fabric from the ceiling after the sound treatment and insulation is done. You'll see. 

All of this adds up to about $5,120.

If we raise more than that the first thing I will use the money for is more promotion.

My biggest challenge currently is getting the word out. I would love to take out an ad in Creative Loafing. Because Creative Loafing is free and has such large circulation in Atlanta I think it is a great way to reach a large number of people in my demographic and my community.

Along with print media, paid advertising on social media can be very effective with good strategy. I gained a lot of experience and knowledge doing social media for the company I worked for during the past three years. With careful planning and use of the insight data that Facebook provides I can maximize the money used to get the most out of each promoted post or advertisement. 

If there is still more after all that...

Everyone love a good party! I would love to throw a thank you party/promotional event for Sound Space with a few of my favorite local bands. The event would be open to the public. If I can cover all the costs of the event I would make the event free to reach the largest amount of people possible. 

Did I mention that i'm flat broke? I am currently working part time at my 2nd home, Muss & Turner's until I can fully sustain myself from Sound Space. I am itching to be 100% focused on Sound Space 24/7. The more I money I have to cover overhead while I grow the business means more time I can spend focused on the business.