Sound Space Music Lessons

A Private Music Lesson Studio in Atlanta's Riverside Neighborhood

Sound Space is a unique music lesson studio located in Atlanta’s Riverside neighborhood. We believe that learning happens best when you’re having fun! In addition to private lessons we also offer full service guitar and bass repair for our students.

What is Sound Space?


Click play on the video player to watch a short video about Sound Space and Nick Pantano. The video is about five minutes long and is the best way to get to know what Sound Space is all about. Don't have five minutes? Scroll down and read below. For hours and availability, scroll down to the bottom of this page. 

Sound Space is a tiny musical oasis in Atlanta’s Riverside neighborhood. Our goal is to create an environment where people can explore, create and develop their musical voice.  We hire teachers who are creative focused with extensive playing backgrounds. These aren't your sleepy instructors trying to get you to run through "When the saints go marching in" for your first three sessions...We feature artists as instructors, who are going to help you find your voice, and learn technique along the way. Let's face it, No one takes music lessons to learn how to practice - We go into that experience because we want to learn to play, to participate or to create! We believe that learning happens best when you're having fun.

Whether you're ready to dive into music theory and add more "tools" to your musical tool box or if you just need someone to jam with and ask a few questions we have you covered! If you're interested in signing up for lessons please click on the "Private Lessons" section in the top left of this page and fill out the online registration form.  We will contact you about available teachers and times.  

Hours and Availability

In order to give you the best experience possible, Sound Space is available by appointment onlyWe offer private lessons during the hours listed below. In order to schedule a FREE trial lesson please click on the “Lessons” section of the navigation menu and fill out our submission form at the bottom of the page. For general inquiries please select “Contact Us” from the navigation menu.

Monday - Thursday 12pm - 9pm

Friday 12pm - 8pm   

Saturday 12pm- 5pm